women's health naturopathic medicine edmonton dr briana lutz

As a frustrated patient who fell through the cracks of the conventional medical model, I quickly recognized that women's health concerns are often palliated, dismissed or ignored entirely.
I believe that no woman should blame her body for feeling poorly, accept this as "normal", or suffer alone.

A woman's life is full of cycles and transitions, and I can help you navigate and support your body's natural changes.
If you are concerned with:

  • Low energy, mood, or poor sleep

  • PMS, painful periods, heavy bleeding, or absent/irregular cycles

  • Frequent/recurrent urinary tract infections or yeast infections

  • Acne, dry skin, abnormal hair growth or loss

  • Birth control options or family planning

  • Low libido or painful intercourse

  • Menopausal symptoms including hot flashes and night sweats

Naturopathic medicine can address and alleviate your concerns. 
Through a strong doctor-patient relationship, I provide a space for you to be truly heard and validated, and offer safe, natural therapies that account for your unique needs as a woman.


Natural treatment options:

  • Therapeutic nutrition

  • Botanical medicine

  • Acupuncture

  • Lifestyle counselling

  • IV and injection therapy


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