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Are you planning to get pregnant, or trying for a while with no success?

By taking a thorough history and assessment of your current health, I will design an individualized treatment plan unique to your health concerns and goals for conception.

Preconception & Fertility care involves any of the following:

  • Testing when needed based on your previous history and work-ups. This can include blood, saliva, or urine testing to best assess hormone levels and other factors
  • Education about cycle tracking, and optimizing conception
  • Nutritional plan to improve fertility and enhance nutrition pre-baby
  • Specific interventions to assist you coming off the birth control pill and to correct your specific condition
  • Key supplements or herbal medicine that is specific to the root cause as to why you are not conceiving, or to optimize fertility when you're ready to begin trying
  • Acupuncture to balance hormones, decrease stress, and promote fertility
  • IV nutrient therapy for specific deficiencies and boosting hormonal health