How To Optimize Your Period: Part One

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how freaking awesome the female body is?
The complexity and perfect orchestration of hormones, not the mention the ability to make, grow and feed a tiny human. You goddess, you!

Periods are a fascinating insight and diagnostic tool that our male-counterparts lack. The quality of your menses (or lack thereof) can provide extra clues to what's happening on a holistic level.

optimize your period women's health naturopathic medicine

So that pesky monthly (or maybe more erratic) visitor of yours? It's time to change your mind about. You may think I'm crazy, but by learning to pay attention and embracing your menses, you can bring yourself to a more profound level of health to enrich your life.

Did you know that PMS is not 'normal', but common? I hate to use the word 'normal', but when you optimize your cycle you can say goodbye to premenstrual depression and bitchiness, cramps, tender breasts, acne, and the other unpleasant cocktail of symptoms.
Thought it was some inevitable burden you had to live with? I'm happy to say it's not the case.

Part One: Where to start?

First off, start paying attention to your body. Quit rejecting your symptoms as something outside of yourself, and begin to question, "what's my body trying to tell me?"
By sharing your symptoms with your Naturopathic physician, us medical detectives can understand the cause of your maladies.

Track Your Menses

My favourite helper to keep track of my cycles is a handy-dandy FREE app called Period tracker. It allows you to record symptoms, view your cycles on a calendar, and offers a countdown to your next menstruation. It may be a tad cutesy, but it's a simple tool that provides great insight by observing patterns and fluctuations of your monthly visitor. It's also an amazing  way to see the efficacy of your treatment from month to month.

Menstrual Cups

optimize your period women's health naturopathic medicine

Unlike organic tampons, regular tampons are sprayed and bleached, exposing your vagina to harmful chemicals. Tampons are used for their absorptive potential, acting like a sponge to absorb not only your flow, but disturb healthy flora and other aspects of your vaginal protective team. 

Enter menstrual cups... talk about a revolution!
A solution that would save me money, minimize waste, and provide a healthier option for feminine hygiene. This is also important to more readily track the volume and quality of flow (consistency, colour, clots) and track from month to month.

I made the switch, and I'm not going back.

Now what?

The more information gathered, the more focused the treatment. Naturopathic medicine has a plethora of treatment options to help manage symptoms and more importantly, get under the cause to alleviate it.
What's your alternative? Conventional treatment will throw hormones, pain killers, and anti-depressants at your menstrual woes. This can not only mask the symptoms, but can actually worsen the underlying condition.

For more insight, stay tuned for Tips to Optimize Your Period: Part Two.

Empowering you to be a freakin' goddess, any time of the month,