How Ritual is Essential to Your Well-being

When thinking of well-being, ritual is rarely an essential that crosses our mind. Often, 'ritual' conjures images of dogmatic religious practices or traditional ceremonies of faraway lands.

It seems ritual has been lost within our culture, but our mental/emotional and spiritual health demands it. We tend to be a society that tunes out, rather than turns in. 
Mornings aren't functional without a strong cup of coffee, winding down includes flipping on a Netflix show, or justifying a stiff drink to remedy a long, stressful day. What has been lost is an opportunity for connection-- creating a space to find stillness within ourselves.

ritual essential to well-being simple living self growth dr briana lutz

So, why ritual?
Ritual makes these moments routine. But not the 'wake-up-at-5AM-to-get-to-the-gym' routine that becomes unconscious and monotonous. It's a conscious act you perform every day with the cumulative effect promoting well-being. It's a mindful practice to take pause, to ground in the present moment. Maybe it's a pause to find intention, to express gratitude, to nurture, to align, to breathe.
Whatever your ritual, make it enjoyable. Make it necessary.


One of my favourite forms of ritual is a tea ritual. This can be repeated every time you have a cup of tea (and there is tea for every mood and time of day!) Your tea could be a medicinal blend, a sleepy time tea, or a supportive tonic that boosts your resilience and stamina. I love this beautiful write up from Ginger Tonic Botanicals on her idyllic tea ritual.


This ritual wasn't an obvious one to me before I started working with PURA. As a teen, applying make-up was my concept of a "beauty ritual", covering my flaws as a daily necessity. As I grow older and more confident, my idea of a beauty ritual has evolved. I am able to revel in my natural beauty. Through ritual itself, I may connect to a deeper meaning of beauty and the confidence this realization exudes.

I love this excerpt from PURA's Lane Edwards:

Taking time for ourselves evokes a deep connection to the essence of womanhood; our passage to sensuality and self-love. My mother's message-
The beauty ritual not only makes us feel centred and gorgeous,
it also pampers our spirit, no matter what's going on in our lives. 
ritual essential to well-being simple living self growth dr briana lutz

I am realizing more and more, our ability for self-care and nurturing our self-worth is one of the most beautiful authentic expressions of love.

Other ritual ideas:

  • Finding a quiet space during your hectic workday to meditate or breathe
  • Dream building, goal-setting, prep, or visualizing your upcoming day
  • Journaling
  • Grounding on a grass patch
  • A relaxing bath
  • Bedtime rituals

How do you bring ritual into your life?
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 ♥ B.