Eat Fat, Get Healthy: What are SMOKE-Points?

Don't know which fat or oil to use? Want to know when and how to use oils for cooking?
Read on for helpful information and your chance to win an assortment of oils from Maison Orphée.

Being as passionate as I am about healthy fat, I'm incredibly excited to offer a giveaway.
I've been fortunate enough to partner up with a company whose products I absolutely adore, Maison Orphée. As a Canadian company, Maison Orphée has over 20 years of first cold-pressing experience with their oils providing high quality, organic products.

maison orphee giveaway healthy fat dr briana lutz

My article, The Skinny on Fat, emphasized that proper use and storage is important in maintaining the healthy aspects of your fat.
Temperature and application is especially important when it comes to oil use. This takes into account a fat or oil's "smoke-point", meaning the temperature in which the nature of the fat will start to change to a more harmful form including creating oxidized molecules, free radicals and trans fats.



For different types of cooking, pick your temperature and then pick your oil. The higher the smoke-point of the oil, the more uses the oil can have.
It's handy to have a few different oils based on the nature of dishes you cook and the additional flavour you desire.
B's fav's: Coconut oil for (almost) all types of cooking and "bullet-proofing", ghee for high temperature cooking, extra-virgin oil oil for light cooking, salad dressings and drizzles, flax oil, and sesame oil for asian-inspired dishes with medium-temperature stir-frying.


This giveaway is a sample oil cooking pack from Maison Orphée!
One lucky winner will receive:

  • (1) Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil (16 oz glass jar)
  • (1) Organic Unrefined Sesame Oil | First Cold-pressed- Raw (500 ml tinted glass bottle)
  • (1) Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Cold Extraction- Raw (500 ml tinted glass bottle)

How to Enter

  • Follow me on instagram (@bealutz)
  • 'Like" my giveaway photo and tag two friends in the comments.

Contest closes next Thursday, August 11 at 11:59 PM (PST).
The winner will be announced on my social media accounts (Facebook & Instagram) Friday, August 11th.
Contest is open to residents of B.C. and Alberta, Canada only.

maison orphee giveaway healthy fat dr briana lutz

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Tell me how you eat fat to get healthy! Comment below or tag @bealutz on instagram with #eatfatgethealthy

Big fat hug,

♥ B.