DIY All-natural Dry Shampoo

You’re trying to train your hair to be shampooed less. You’re camping with limited access to amenities of a hot, sudsy shower. You’re, ahem, in med school.

Whatever you’re reason, here’s a dry shampoo for you!

diy all natural dry shampoo recipe


Keeping with the DIY toiletries and cosmetics, this project is simple, all natural and smells great.


  • 2 parts arrowroot powder (I used 2 tbsp.)
  • 1 part cocoa powder*
  • Sprinkle of cinnamon**
diy all natural dry shampoo recipe


*Cocoa works best for brunettes to avoid a chalky appearance
** Cinnamon adds a great smell, and more cinnamon can be used for those with reddish hued hair

  • Blondes, nix the cocoa and cinnamon and stick with the arrowroot powder. Instead, add 5-10 drops of your favourite essential oil to add a splash of scent.

Mix all ingredients and add to a resealable container.

diy all natural dry shampoo recipe

Now it’s ready to use!

  1. Part hair and apply dry shampoo with a powder brush.
  2. Repeat, parting your hair in a new location.
  3. Allow the absorptive magic of the powder to work wonders on your hair that’s gone a couple days (or 4 or 5…) without a shampoo.
  4. Shake out powder and style your hair as per usual (…or not!) 

Enjoy the luxury of those extra minutes of sleep, sans shower.