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How Ritual is Essential to Your Well-being

It seems ritual has been lost within our culture, but our mental/emotional and spiritual health demands it. We tend to be a society that tunes out, rather than turns in. 
Mornings aren't functional without a strong cup of coffee, winding down includes flipping on a Netflix show, or justifying a stiff drink to remedy a long, stressful day. What has been lost is an opportunity for connection-- creating a space to find stillness within ourselves.

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SUMMER FEATURE: Rethinking 'Fit'ness

With beach season upon us we are bombarded with subliminal, and not so subtle, messages to perfect our body. We create unrealistic expectations for ourselves, and when we don't achieve our goals we feel like we failed. We feel inadequate. 

For myself and for the health of my patients, I want a healthier outlook on physical 'fit'ness. How can I employ activity with a supportive motivation based on wellness rather than inadequacy?

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Learning to Love the Skin You're In

Starting Naturopathic medical school I was even more self conscious. Being in a program with seemingly flawless people, I still felt plagued by my skin. I started going to our school clinic and began a treatment protocol to get to the root cause. Acupuncture, botanical medicine and nutrition became the cornerstone of healing my skin.
I was doing everything right, but I felt like I only got so far. I was so fixated with the superficial that I let it affect me mentally. Assuming I would be rejected. Assuming that having flawed skin would make me seem like a bad doctor to future patients.

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30 Days of Vulnerability

So here it goes. The first resolution of the new year, #30daysofimperfection....err, I mean-- #30daysofvulnerability
I'm passionate about shifting our culture's perspective away from vulnerability being a weakness. Being vulnerable requires an incredible amount of strength, and I'm prepared to challenge myself for the benefit of a culture I want to live in, one of whole-hearted, compassionate, courageous, connected people.

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