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Are foods the cause of your digestive issues? Explaining food reactivity

Digestive issues? Reactive foods may or may not be the cause.

There is a spectrum of reactivity to different foods; intolerance, allergy and sensitivity are terms often used interchangeably but actually refer to different reactions and processes happening within the body, some of which can be changeable depending on the cause.

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What should I eat? Nutrition 101 with Dr. B.

I will only use the word "nutrition" and abide by my care's motto "lasting sustainable change" with all of my treatments. I want you to eat for health. I want you to evolve your nutrition into a lifestyle, even if that means small incremental changes to make it happen. I believe the difference is diet=restriction and nutrition= abundance & vitality. I will focus on nutrient-dense food that feels good in your body, rather than focusing on what you shouldn't be eating. I like to increase the good, to crowd out what's not as beneficial.

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FALL FEATURE: The Art of Preserving

Transitioning from summer into fall is one of my favourite times of year. The air feels more clean and crisp, the beautiful warm colours come out as well as my scarves, boots, and sweaters (yay!)

Another great part of this time is starting the hibernation process of culling away the beautiful produce the summer gave us. You're thinking, what the f' am I going to do with all these tomatoes?

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Tips for Optimizing Your Digestion

Don’t feel overwhelmed! Food and eating isn’t something to be intimidated by, but enjoyed in all its capacity. We can’t all take hours to consume a meal like the Italians, but small changes can make a world of difference. You following all of these tips and maintaining a perfect diet is not what’s important, rather it’s about becoming an active participant in your health and not simply an observer.

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