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Are foods the cause of your digestive issues? Explaining food reactivity

Digestive issues? Reactive foods may or may not be the cause.

There is a spectrum of reactivity to different foods; intolerance, allergy and sensitivity are terms often used interchangeably but actually refer to different reactions and processes happening within the body, some of which can be changeable depending on the cause.

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What should I eat? Nutrition 101 with Dr. B.

I will only use the word "nutrition" and abide by my care's motto "lasting sustainable change" with all of my treatments. I want you to eat for health. I want you to evolve your nutrition into a lifestyle, even if that means small incremental changes to make it happen. I believe the difference is diet=restriction and nutrition= abundance & vitality. I will focus on nutrient-dense food that feels good in your body, rather than focusing on what you shouldn't be eating. I like to increase the good, to crowd out what's not as beneficial.

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Packed Schedule? One Minute Tip for a Healthier You, Naturally

With treatments, I'm all about maximizing ease. I strive to integrate beneficial therapies into every day life to reap optimal benefits that comes from consistency.
Who doesn't love something that increases overall vitality, recruits the immune system, lowers stress and more importantly takes under one minute?

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11 Sleep Hygiene Tips to Optimize Your Sleep

Sleep issues are one of the most common concerns I see as a clinical intern. Even if it's not the main reason someone is coming in, I see patterns of people unable to slow their mind down before bed, or  waking up multiple times a night unable to fall back to sleep.
We know sleep is essential for our well-being, and that thought in itself can make sleep more challenging... 

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How to do Castor Oil Therapy the Easy Way

If you've read previous articles of mine, I'm all about ease. If a therapy cannot be well integrated into my life, the odds of it finding a space in my routine are slim. The traditional castor oil pack involves soaking flannel with castor oil, wrapping it around your abdomen often with saran wrap, and applying heat. To me, this is too much clean up and a hot mess waiting to happen. Of course, there is a easier way. 

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Learning to Love the Skin You're In

Starting Naturopathic medical school I was even more self conscious. Being in a program with seemingly flawless people, I still felt plagued by my skin. I started going to our school clinic and began a treatment protocol to get to the root cause. Acupuncture, botanical medicine and nutrition became the cornerstone of healing my skin.
I was doing everything right, but I felt like I only got so far. I was so fixated with the superficial that I let it affect me mentally. Assuming I would be rejected. Assuming that having flawed skin would make me seem like a bad doctor to future patients.

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Tips for Optimizing Your Digestion

Don’t feel overwhelmed! Food and eating isn’t something to be intimidated by, but enjoyed in all its capacity. We can’t all take hours to consume a meal like the Italians, but small changes can make a world of difference. You following all of these tips and maintaining a perfect diet is not what’s important, rather it’s about becoming an active participant in your health and not simply an observer.

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