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Craft Your Own Valentine's Day Sweets

Sweets for your sweetie!

I've been lusting after My New Root's Valentine's Rawlos forever, patiently waiting for the perfect opportunity to make and personalize them. It wasn't until after I found the idyllic mold that I committed to crafting these beauties (as well as an additional sweet) for my valentine.

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The Perfect Hostess Gift: DIY Mulled Wine Kit

Now that exams and clinic responsibilities recede, I can finally let myself think about Christmas.
I've been patiently waiting to assemble some herbal goodies, feeling inspired by the holiday spirit. Christmas time accentuates my love of playing with herbs because it gives me the opportunity to share with family and friends my passion of herbal medicine.

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Beauty Sleep: A Night-time ritual

My night-time ritual uses some of my favourite PURA products. There is something so simple about a bedtime routine, but when it involves all-natural, mindful products lovingly made by someone as passionate as Lane I can't help but feel spoiled. With PURA, there is no hiding behind ingredients or manufacturing process. PURA openly and passionately shares every ingredient and each roller, mist, or mask is made in their apothecary-studio in Edmonton, Alberta.

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How to do Castor Oil Therapy the Easy Way

If you've read previous articles of mine, I'm all about ease. If a therapy cannot be well integrated into my life, the odds of it finding a space in my routine are slim. The traditional castor oil pack involves soaking flannel with castor oil, wrapping it around your abdomen often with saran wrap, and applying heat. To me, this is too much clean up and a hot mess waiting to happen. Of course, there is a easier way. 

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DIY SKIN-HEALING Herbal Salve Recipe

I recall making salve for the first time in a botanical medicine-making class. It was an incredibly frustrating experience and our group's salve never reached the desired consistency. Anxious of failure, I wondered how many attempts it would take to create a salve on my own. But, luckily with the aid of a helpful formula, my salve turned out the first go, and is the perfect melt-under-touch consistency.
The trick is...

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Herbin' in the Kootenays: Botanicals in everyday life

It's no secret that I love herbs.
Because of this nerdy-ness, I always seek out herb gatherings, conferences, workshops-- anything to continue learning about all that herbs have to offer.

This past weekend I went to Kootenay Herb Conference in scenic Creston, BC. What a setting to learn about herbs! A beautiful creek nearby, giant cedars sheltering tents, and meadows of wild flowers and medicinal "weeds". 

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In Pura [I] trust

With such an idyllic vision and business, I wanted to know where the line & business started from, and also gain insight on the nuances of being a female entrepreneur.
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I love being a female entrepreneur because it shows my children that they also have the power to create their own destiny. It shows them that courage, hard work and utilizing their creativity is an empowering and fulfilling way to live your life. I also feel that I'm living my purpose, and it challenges me everyday. There is no one else who is going to do it for you- although there are amazing people who will support you and help build your dream. Accountability and self-motivation is vital. This can feel daunting at times, but it always keeps me incredibly present and grateful to be doing what I love so much. 

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