Beauty Sleep: A Night-time ritual

My previous article, How Ritual is Essential to Your Well-Being, alluded to the beauty ritual. Since partnering with PURA, the beauty ritual is an absolute staple in my life, realizing it's more than caring for my most superficial level, but nurturing my inner layers. Being present in the beauty ritual makes every cell come alive, getting out of my mind and into my body.

My night-time ritual uses some of my favourite PURA products. There is something so simple about a bedtime routine, but when it involves all-natural, mindful products lovingly made by someone as passionate as Lane I can't help but feel spoiled. With PURA, there is no hiding behind ingredients or manufacturing process. PURA openly and passionately shares every ingredient and each roller, mist, or mask is made in their apothecary-studio in Edmonton, Alberta.

Below is my nightly beauty ritual with the products I use, and the intention I hold with each component of the ritual.


simple living beauty ritual night ritual edmonton naturopath pura


After removing mascara,  I cleanse with Countess Cleansing Nectar
This cleanser is made with pure, clean oils including Sweet almond, Calendula, Lavender, Neroli and Frankincense. Despite being made with nourishing oils, this cleanser is light and rinses clean.
After using this cleansing nectar, I feel fresh & clear from the day with pores feeling tighter. It always puts a 'squeaky-clean' grin on my face.

simple living minimalism pura cleanse green beauty night ritual

MY RITUAL: Splash face with warm water and gently shake bottle before dispensing. Massage onto face & neck with gentle circular motions. I give a little extra love to nose creases and around my lips. Rinse & pat dry.


Ever heard of face rolling? Enter PURA's Jade Roller.

I love using this product as part of my night-time ritual to begin relaxation within my body. I truly didn't realize how much tension I carried in my face until I started this practice. Not only is it the subtle clench of a jaw, but muscles for everyday facial expression from an inquisitive brow, a surprised face, or big goofy grins. I can roll out these muscles, bringing extra circulation to my face & skin. Rolling encourages the natural flow of lymphatics to drain waste products from the face. Since starting face rolling, my face is notably brighter and my skin feels plumper.

simple living edmonton naturopath jade roller beauty ritual

MY RITUAL: Lie or seat comfortably. Roll outwards from midline in broad strokes, then use the finer side for hard to reach areas and to release taut muscles.


Your skin is most active at night, loving moisture.
I find it's a tough balance giving skin the perfect nourishing it needs while not being too heavy and blocking the skin from "breathing". This night mask balances these qualities seamlessly.

Especially for Fall, I am loving the warm spicy aroma of Night Cocoon. As an Naturopathic student clinician and herb nerd, I obviously love the medicinal properties of turmeric. PURA has mastered the use of turmeric oil in this anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating night mask and I am in love. This is likely the most sophisticated turmeric face care product on the market. No stain and all the gain!
Minutes after application, skin is shockingly soft.

simple living naturopath edmonton pura night cocoon

MY RITUAL: After face-rolling, I apply mask from midline inhaling the aroma, and working in small circles outward as I exhale, mindful of my ear lobes and jawline. 


The Neroli Eye Roller is the perfect end to my night time ritual. The eye roller contains natural humectants, drawing moisture to the delicate under eye tissue. I've noticed that my under eyes appear brighter and is incredibly moisturizing. It's a fantastic way to bring awareness and soften my eyes before I drift off to my zzzz's.... 

simple living beauty ritual edmonton naturopath pura

MY RITUAL: Roll-on in smooth motion in under-eye area. Dab lightly to spread the oil into the delicate eye area.

A night time ritual brings more mindfulness before bed and makes your beauty sleep more than skin deep.
What's your night time ritual?

Loads of R & R,

 ♥ B.