A Love Like This

I’m exceptionally blessed to have grown up in a large, loving family. Cousins become siblings, aunts and uncles are another set of parental eyes.
I have been surrounded and nourished by what love is. Depending on, trusting, and supporting one another. Sharing laughs, lessons, and memories.

But, even more exceptional is one particular love I’ve had the privilege to witness. A love I got to celebrate a 60 year anniversary with. A romantic love that exemplifies a perfect union of souls.
A love like this

Ekke and Ruthild ♥

Growing up, I witnessed a love that was unchanged by time.

I observed patience | a steady, equanimous acceptance of one another. An offering of recognition and reception of the other’s needs.
I watched playfulness | a flirtatious, teasing, youthful romance. A marriage of over 60 years that rivaled a teen summer romance.
This was a truly unique, rare, admirable love.
A love that exhibited both innocent tenderness and fearless compassion. A perfect juxtaposition of love’s various forms. One relationship, a love that embodied it all.

Even in the end, there was a comfort, a profound acceptance. A knowing that this love, in this life, was enough. Understanding that a love like this is enough.

A love that I won’t settle for anything less.
A love like this.